PROMOPASTOR,SL is a company born in 1994 that places in the sector of the Manufacture and Distribution of plastic, articles of furniture, textiles and products of professional cleanliness. Actually we make, develop and distribute different products: utensils of cleanliness, articles of furniture, textile and of injected plastic.

Our products are innovative, lasting and sure; fruit of the years of experience that has led us to creating a clearly distinguishable range on the market. Our success is in the technology combines top with the acquired experience. We rely on a dynamic department of I+D+I that allows us to be at the top of the sector constantly, and the proofs of it they are the different patents that we possess across our registered brands:



pamex microfibra

-Patented Microfiber and special microfiber with bamboo also patented for cloths, mops, kitchen-maids…





varias marcas



-Textile Articles: bathrobes, gloves, neck panties, underwear, socks…







- Our high quality brand of metallic cutlery.







- Material of cleanliness in general: brooms, collectors, brushes, swabs…
- Furniture of the home: all kinds of kitchen tools like frying pans, coffee machines, jars, cutlery, cooking molds…
- In hardware store: clothes horse, spraying bottles, scrapers, protectors for furniture, bindings, baskets, hempen baskets and buckets of all kinds, wastebaskets…
- For your garden: handles and window boxes, hoses, pistol nozzles…
- Manufacturers of a wide variety of hangers, in metal, wood and plastic; so much of adult as infantile.




All this in addition, with the respect to the environment that the current epoch demands: the raw material recycled in some of our processes reaches levels superior to 90 %. We possess different factories and logistic stores in China, Italy and Spain.





Our aim: to give solutions characterized by its innovation, creativity and quality that allows to our clients to improve their processes of business. For it we possess a motivated and experienced human team ready to come where the needs of our clients demand.


In this web you will be able to find detailed information of the products that we commercialize, as well as to be given of discharge as client and to buy in our online shop. Do not hesitate to put in touch with our team to solve any doubt that you could have, we will be glad of attending to you.

You will be able to find us, in addition, in different web pages:

www.promopastor.com www.promopastor.es www.pamex.es www.pamexmicrofibra.es

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